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Collapse of the Mott gap and emergence of a nodal liquid in lightly doped Sr2IrO4

Published on October 21, 2015

We report ARPES experiments on the electron doped Heisenberg antiferromagnet (Sr1−xLax)2IrO4. For a doping level of x=0.05, we find an unusual metallic state with coherent nodal excitations and an antipodal pseudo gap bearing strong similarities with under doped cuprates. This state emerges from a rapid collapse of the Mott gap with doping resulting in a large underlying Fermi surface that is back folded by a (π,π) reciprocal lattice vector which we attribute to the intrinsic structural distortion of Sr2IrO4.


A. de la Torre, S. McKeown Walker, F. Y. Bruno, S. Riccó, Z. Wang, I. Gutierrez Lezama, G. Scheerer, G. Giriat, D. Jaccard, C. Berthod, T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch, E. C. Hunter, R. S. Perry, A. Tamai, and F. Baumberger

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