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Permanent scientists

Prof. Felix Baumberger

Group leader


022 379 34 41

Ecole de physique 010D

Dr. Anna Tamai

Senior scientist (MER)
022 379 62 15

Isotopes 117B


Dr. Gianmarco Gatti

022 379 63 14

Isotopes 117A

Julia Issing

PhD Student
022 379 34 87

Isotopes 117B

Florian Margot

PhD Student

022 379 34 87

Isotopes 117B

Andrew Hunter

PhD Student
022 379 34 87

Isotopes 117B

Michael Straub

PhD Student
022 379 34 87

Isotopes 117B

Administration & Technical support

Jean-Luc Lorenzoni

022 379 64 35

Sciences 1 S2

Christophe Schwarz


022 379 65 78

Ecole de physique 106B

Former members

Edoardo Cappelli, PhD Student until December 2021. Now at STMicroelectronics.

Irène Cucchi, PhD student until September 2020. Now at ABB.

Simone Lisi, Postdoc until September 2020.

Anthony Joudrier, Master student until summer 2019.

Flavio Bruno, Ambizione fellow until March 2019. Now “Atraccion de Talento” Research Fellow at Complutense University of Madrid.

Sara Ricco, PhD student until October 2018. Now at P&G Geneve.

Siobhan Mckweon Walker, Postdoc until August 2018. Now at the Laboratoire de Technologie Avancée (LTA), University of Geneva.

Zhiming Wang, Postdoc until March 2017. Now at Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Alberto de la Torre,  PhD student until January 2016. Now Postdoc in the Hsieh Research Group at Caltech, USA.

Bram Van Megen, Master student until summer 2014.

Philip King, Postdoctoral research fellow until March 2012. Now Reader (associate professor) at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews, UK. webpage

Emil Rozbicki, Phd student in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews, until March 2011. Now at Glencoe Software

Worawat Meevasana (aka. Non), Postdoctoral research fellow unitl August 2010. Now Lecturer (assistant professor) at Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand. webpage

Milan Allan,  Phd student until April 2010. Now assistant professor at Leiden Institute of Physics, The Netherlands. webpage

Binping Xie, Postdoctoral research fellow until August 2009. Now at Fudan University, Shangai