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High-resolution ARPES

We operate a custom-built high-resolution ARPES system

  • MBS A-1 analyzer with scanning lens
  • LEOS Solutions 6 eV cw-laser
  • Lumeras 11 eV laser (50 MHz)
  • MBS L-1 He-lamp with SPECS TMM 304 monochromator
  • Geneva / Diamond 6 axes sample goniometer
  • Omicron 3-grid LEED
  • Sputter / anneal station, ports for effusion cells


  • Combined energy resolution of 0.8 meV
  • Base temperature 2.6 K
  • Spatial resolution 1.8 mm

sputter deposition system

Off-axis RF sputter deposition system with 2 sources and resistive sample heater. Fully UHV compatible construction with in-situ sample transfer to laser-ARPES system.

glove box transfer

Glove box with fully motorized van der Waals transfer stage for the preparation of air-sensitive heterostructures (collaboration with Morpurgo group).