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A Laser-ARPES View of the 2D Electron Systems at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 and Al/SrTiO3 Interfaces
Mckeown Walker S, Boselli M, Martínez EA, Gariglio S, Bruno FY, Baumberger F.

Advanced electronic materials. 2022;:2101376

We have measured the electronic structure of the two-dimensional electron system (2DES) found at the Al/SrTiO3 (Al/STO) and LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (LAO/STO) interfaces by means of laser angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, taking advantage of the large photoelectron escape depth at low photon energy…

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Metal to insulator transition at the surface of V2O3 thin films: An in-situ view
Caputo M, Jandke J, Cappelli E, Chaluvadi SK, Bonini Guedes E, Naamneh M, Vinai G, Fujii J, Torelli P, Vobornik I, Goldoni A, Orgiani P, Baumberger F, Radovic M, Panaccione G.

Applied surface science. 2022;574:151608

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Electronic structure of 2D van der Waals crystals and heterostructures investigated by spatially- and angle-resolved photoemission
Cucchi I, Lisi S, Margot F, Henck H, Tamai A, Baumberger F.

Comptes rendus. Physique. 2021;22(S4)

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Magnetic order, disorder, and excitations under pressure in the Mott insulator Sr2IrO4
Li X, Cooper SE, Krishnadas A, de la Torre A, Perry RS, Baumberger F, Silevitch DM, Hsieh D, Rosenbaum TF, Feng Y.

Physical review. B. 2021;104(20):L201111

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Electronic structure of the highly conductive perovskite oxide SrMoO3
Cappelli E, Hampel A, Chikina A, Guedes EB, Gatti G, Hunter AS, Issing J, Biskup N, Varela M, Dreyer CE, Tamai A, Georges A, Bruno FY, Radovic M, Baumberger F.


We use angle-resolved photoemission to map the Fermi surface and quasiparticle dispersion of bulk-like thin films of SrMoO$_3$ grown by pulsed laser deposition. The electronic self-energy deduced from our data reveals weak to moderate correlations in SrMoO$_3$, consistent with our observation of…

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Doctoral Thesis

Growth and angle-resolved-photoemission studies of thin films of the metallic perovskite oxides LaNiO3 and SrMoO3
Cappelli E.

In this thesis, I present my research work on epitaxial thin films of LaNiO3 and SrMoO3, investigated by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), which yields a direct measurement of the interacting electronic structure. Thin films of the correlated transition-metal oxide LaNiO3 undergo a …

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